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MIXED BLOOD - THIRD THURSDAY GIVE-BACK!!! (please take 2 minutes and read it)

So, we've been open 4 1/2 years. It's going really well. I look around the bar and dining room and I'm constantly amazed by the number of people we see and especially the MIX of people. It's everyone; students sitting next to families with kids sitting next to couples headed to the theatre or a show sitting next to 4 cyclists diving into Belgian beer, etc, etc, etc. This got me thinking. The place we inherited was primarily reliant on sports, the Dome, lots of TV's, which is cool but it's not what we chose to do. We're busier than they were, so where are all of the new people coming from?? As I look closer at our neighborhood, I realize that it's special and it's filled with live music and theater within walking distance from us. My conclusion is that's why we're succeeding. We get some people in who are really into beer and appreciate the thoughtfulness of our beer program and enjoy our food. They may drive out of their way and perhaps consider us a destination. That's great! But, most importantly our neighborhood makes us strong and also what we've accomplished in our space makes our neighborhood stronger, too.

I came up with this program to give back to the non-profit arts organizations in our neighborhood, because basically, we wouldn't be as busy as we are if they weren't there. So, on this Third Thursday, we pick one of those groups and give 15% of our sales for the entire day back to them. It's our chance to acknowledge their importance and have our fans and theirs come together to strengthen our relationship and hopefully help them in a way so they can keep doing what they do.

Our first "Third Thursday" is this day and we chose the Mixed Blood Theatre. They rock. They are approaching their 40th year and their fans seem to dig what we do, too. But, 40 years!! Wow! Here is their website with their upcoming programs and shows. Please check them out!

On this day, all you need to do is show up at Republic and eat, drink or tell a few people to help us support them. We'll donate 15% of our sales for the entire day straight to them. That's easy for you and it feels good for us. Please join us and expect many more of these "Third Thursdays" to come.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day and thanks for supporting local, independent restaurants and the arts. Sincerely, Matty O'Reilly, co-owner